Cozy Attic

Similar to the finished basement, a finished attic has the benefit of maximizing unused square footage, while increasing the desirability of your home.

When we think of attics, at best, we picture images of dusty storage spaces filled with boxes of miscellaneous possessions. At worst, a cobweb-littered cramped space; and the only means of accessing is by climbing a rudimentary ladder.

That said, in recent years, savvy homeowners and contractors alike have given new life to the once-neglected space by turning them into thoughtful living areas. Using your attic as a living space will be cheaper than adding an extra room to your first floor. Think about it: by finishing your attic and turning it into a living space, you can change a four-bedroom house into a five-bedroom one!

In the end, all you have to remember is that finishing your attic will raise the house’s value, improve its insulation, and produce another storage area or living space.